Linux Interview Questions

How to check the kernel version of a Linux system?

Type the following command in prompt
uname command will print the system information
>uname -a
uname command with option -a will print all the system information like Host name, OS, Kernal, Release version and Kernal Architecture.

How to see the current IP address on Linux?

Type the following command in prompt


The above command will give you IPv4, IPv6, Broadcast(BCast) and SubnetMask addresses.

>ip addr show

to show all the devices connected.

How to check for free disk space in Linux?

How to see if a Linux service is running?

How to check the size of a directory in Linux?

How to check for open ports in Linux?

How to check Linux process information (CPU usage, memory, user information, etc.)?

How to deal with mounts in Linux?

How to display Man pages?

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