Six advantages of Cloud – AWS Cloud

Trade capital expense for variable expense

For organisations, Investing in on-premises data centres is a capital expense often without a prior knowledge of full utilisation. But in cloud, you pay only for the consumption which will be a variable expense.

Benefits from massive economies of scale

Economies of scale are cost advantages companies experience such as AWS, when operations and service delivery becomes efficient, as costs can be spread over a larger number of customer. When the AWS customer base grows, the infrastructure becomes cheaper, prices can be reduced and new customers benefit from the lower prices.

Stop guessing capacity

While using on-premises data centres, capacity decisions often ends up with inaccurate results by over provisioning or under provisioning the infrastructure resources for deploying the applications. In cloud, these problems can be avoided and capacity can be availed with minutes notice for scale up or down.

Increase speed and agility

Cloud provides a quick availability of IT resources such as compute, storage and networking which are often few clicks away. Provisioning a new infrastructure will be only in minutes as opposed to months and years in on-premises data centres. This helps companies in being flexible, moving faster and innovating quickly in cloud.

Stop spending money on running and maintaining data centres

As s business, it is a distraction and hurdle to spend time and effort on undifferentiated heavy-lifting like running and maintaining a data centre, rather should focus on business and customers.

Go global in minutes

AWS Cloud has multiple regions across the globe. This will help you as a customer to deploy your business applications in minutes which will lower the latency and improve the customer experience with a minimal cost.

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