AWS DataSync

What is AWS DataSync?

AWS DataSyncWith AWS DataSync, AWS allows you to migrate your data in a simple and secure way. AWS Data Sync allows you to transfer between on-premises and AWS, between AWS storage services and even between different cloud providers.

The AWS DataSync service is a secure, online data transfer service for moving large amounts of data, efficiently, and automatically, to and from many different locations. You can migrate and replicate any of your sets of data natively within DataSync.

This can all be done whilst avoiding building custom solutions or wasting time on difficult and repetitive tasks.

AWS DataSync supports a number of different data formats, spanning file systems, object storage both within cloud environments and from an on-premises environment.

DataSync is available through the console or the AWS CLI (Command Line Interface) and can be used to move data between many different sources and destinations.

If you want to perform any kind of migration, or any kind of data relocation where the end point is within AWS – AWS DataSync will likely help you achieve your goals.


  • AWS DataSync has a number of different features which make it a desirable tool to use for any kind of data migration.
  • As with many AWS services, AWS employs their own custom features. In this case their own custom transfer protocol – which decides the specifics of how data is sent over a network and when. This is all designed to speed up data migration compared to traditional tools.
  • It is possible to schedule tasks to run periodically, to detect and copy changes from your source storage system to the destination storage system.
  • In order to move files directly into your Amazon VPC, DataSync supports VPC endpoints (powered by AWS PrivateLink).
  • You can create tasks based on a schedule with AWS DataSync, to perform migrations on a time-oriented basis as and when you require.
  • Files can be copied into EFS using AWS DataSync, and files that have not been accessed for a specified period can be migrated to Infrequent Access (IA) storage.
  • DataSync is a fully managed service, which means that there is no infrastructure that you must provision.
  • DataSync integrates seamlessly with Amazon EventBridge. You can set it to trigger an event when a transfer completes, thereby automating your workflows.
  • During transit and in rest, DataSync performs integrity checks to ensure your data transferred is correct.
  • At rest, encryption is either done by SSE-S3 or by the Key Management Service. In transit, it uses TLS 1.2 and in transit it uses TLS 1.2 and SSE-S3.
  • When you use DataSync with S3, it supports storing data directly into any S3 storage class. You do not need to use lifecycle policies or manually transfer data from S3.
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