Top Microservices Interview Questions

What are the Microservice?

What are the characteristics of a Microservice?

Can Microservices share a common database?

What are the cross cutting concerns in Microservices?

What are the key differences between SOA and Microservices Architecture?

What are the issues in using REST over HTTP for Microservices?

What is Reactive Extensions?

What is Semantic Versioning?

What is Ubiquitous language?

What is PACT?

What is a Consumer Driven Contract (CDC)?

How will you implement Service Discovery in Microservices architecture?

What is the difference between Orchestration and Choreography in Microservices architecture?

What are the challenges in implementing Microservice Architecture?
Developing a number of smaller microservices are often easier, but the difficuty arises while developing them and maintaining them going forward.

Automate the Component life cycle: Difficult to automate because there are a number of smaller components. So for each component, we have to follow the stages of Build, Deploy and, Monitor.
Perceptibility: Maintaining a large number of components together becomes difficult to deploy, maintain, monitor and identify problems. It requires great perceptibility around all the components.
Configuration Management: Maintaining the configurations for the components across the various environments becomes tough sometimes.
Debugging: Difficult to find out each and every service for an error. It is essential to maintain centralized logging and dashboards to debug problems.

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