Linux Network Commands and Tools

Following are the collection of Command tools in Linux networking.

$ping – Ping tool to find out the hosts are connected.
$curl – Makes HTTP request from command prompt
httpie – This command is similar to curl but specifically to do “http get”
wget – Generally used to download files
tc – Traffic control in Linux kernal can be used to control the internet bandwidth
whois – Command used to check the domain exists or not
nslookup – To find the IP address of a domain
dig – To find the IP address of a domain as same as the above
ssh – This command is used to open secure shell.
scp – Copy the files over the SSH connection
rsync – Command to copy/sync only changed files. Generally used in SSH connections.
ngrep – Network grep command – Grep is the utility to search text in files, So Ngrep is used for Network Grep.

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