Top Kubernetes Interview Questions

kubernetes Interview Questions and AnswersHere is the list of Top Questions asked in any Kubernetes interview to verify the knowledge and experience of devops engineer, system admin, SRE engineers and developers. The questions given here are meant for begineer to advanced level of Kubernetes concepts. Please feel free to drop a comment if you want know the answer of any other questions.

Kubernetes Basics & Concepts

What is a container?

Explain Container Orchestration and its significance?

What is Kubernetes?

What is a control Plane?

What is a Data Plane?

What is a Kubernetes Cluster?

What is a Kubernetes node?
A node is a worker machine in Kubernetes cluster. A node may be a Virtual Machine (VM) or Host (Physical machine). Each node contains the services necessary to run the pods and is managed by the master Node. The services on a node include the container runtime, kubelet and kube-proxy.

What is a Node Controller?
The node controller is a Kubernetes master component which manages various aspects of nodes. The node controller has multiple roles in a node’s life. The first is assigning a CIDR block to the node when it is registered (if CIDR assignment is turned on).

What is a Kubernetes pod?

What is a Kubernetes kubectl?

What is etcd?

What is Kubernetes Services?

What is Kube-proxy?
The Kube-proxy is a network layer proxy. It usually mimics the services configured in Kubernetes API on each individual node.

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