Azure Interview Questions

Azure Interview QuestionsIn this post, I am going to share the Azure interview questions which are frequently asked in technical interviews. Microsoft Azure is gaining popularity over the decade and it is one of largely used public cloud.

What is Azure?
Azure is the public cloud offering from Microsoft. After windows and office 365, Azure is the most popular service from Microsoft which has gained large customer base and includes 100+ products and services.

What is an Availability Zone?
Availability Zones are physical locations with independent power, network, and cooling with in an Azure Region. Each Availability Zone is comprised of one or more datacenters and houses infrastructure to support highly available, mission critical applications. In this case while you create an Azure resource you can choose to make it as a Zone redundant one to avoid any typical data center level failures.

What is a Region?

What is Azure ELA?
Azure ELA is a short form of Azure Enterprise License Agreement.

What is an Azure Expressroute?

What are the differences between Azure Expressroute and Azure Site-to-Site VPN?

What is the difference between Azure Point-to-Site VPN and Azure Site-to-Site VPN?

What is an Azure VNet?

How to setup a Virtual Machine in Azure?

What is the difference between VM Availability Set and VM Scale set?

What is Azure AKS (Azure Kubernetes Service)?

What is the difference between AKS (Azure Kubernetes Service) and ACI (Azure Container Instances)?

Explain LRS, ZRS and GRS in Azure Storage?

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