• Cloud Network Strategy Best Practices
    When designing the Cloud network, the network strategy must allow the workloads to do the following. For an effective design, you must consider using the following Cloud providers global infrastructure services for the requirement. For example while selecting the Region and Availability Zone the following … Read more
  • Amazon Cognito
    What is Amazon Cognito? Amazon Cognito is a service used for authentication, authorization, and user management for web or mobile applications. Amazon Cognito allows customers to sign in through social identity providers such as Google, Facebook, and Amazon, and through enterprise identity providers such as … Read more
  • Amazon VPC
    What is Amazon VPC? Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (Amazon VPC) is a “Virtual Private Cloud” which is a custom virtual network located inside the AWS Cloud and isolated from the entire outside world. Amazon Virtual Private Cloud allows users to create a virtual dedicated network … Read more
  • AWS Shared Responsibility Model 
    Customer is responsible for the “Security in the cloud”. Customer responsibilities in the shared responsibility model AWS is responsible for “Security of the cloud”. AWS responsibilities in the shared responsibility model
  • Six advantages of Cloud – AWS Cloud
    Trade capital expense for variable expense For organisations, Investing in on-premises data centres is a capital expense often without a prior knowledge of full utilisation. But in cloud, you pay only for the consumption which will be a variable expense. Benefits from massive economies of … Read more
  • AWS IAM Quick Reference
    What is AWS IAM? IAM stands for Identity Access Management. IAM allows you to manage users and their level of access to the AWS console What are the key features of IAM? What are Users and Groups? What is the key relationship between them? What are IAM … Read more
  • AWS DataSync
    What is AWS DataSync? With AWS DataSync, AWS allows you to migrate your data in a simple and secure way. AWS Data Sync allows you to transfer between on-premises and AWS, between AWS storage services and even between different cloud providers. The AWS DataSync service … Read more
  • AWS EC2 Auto Scaling
    In this page we are going to go through the AWS Auto Scaling concepts and implementation steps. What is AWS Auto Scaling? Auto Scaling helps you ensure that you have the correct number of Amazon EC2 instances available to handle the load for your application. … Read more
  • Amazon S3 (Simple Storage Service)
    Amazon S3 (Simple Storage Service) What is Amazon S3? Amazon S3 is an object storage built to store and retrieve any amount of data from anywhere on the Internet. It’s a simple storage service that offers high durability, availability, performance, security, and virtually unlimited scalability … Read more
  • AWS Support plans in a nutshell
    For your AWS Cloud account, you can get 4 types of support plans based on the usage requirement. Types of AWS suport plan Basic Developer Business Enterprise Let us see the featurs of the each support plan in detail. Basic The Basic plan is a … Read more
  • Azure Tagging – Usage and Best Practices
    Azure tagging provides an important benefit of managing and organising azure resources effectively and to get a better visibility, identification and grouping. Here are some the usage, facts to remember and best practices. Azure Tagging Azure Tags are a simple name and value pair of … Read more
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